The adventure activities that we do are a mix of anticipation, energy and exploring the unknown, where chances of stumbles and falls are obvious. The difference lies in our approach. Careful instruction and positive encouragement are regular features of our programs. Participants in our programs choose their route and proceed with their chosen activities at their own pace, exercising self-motivation and freedom of choice. The non-formal education methodology practiced by Rocksport points the way to different avenues of exploration. We have been working with groups and individuals for many years and have highly qualified staff with professional expertise. We also specialise in working with people who have particular needs or face specific challenges in their lives. Rocksport today feels proud of having touched the lives of over a lac of individuals from all age groups, and all walks of life. 125 schools in our regular program, highlight the importance of adventure programs for their students and teachers. Rocksport believes that everyone, whatever the age, can improve their well being through adventure activity in outdoors. So how do we meet the challenge of change and adapt? By learning to view change as a great adventure. And by meeting all standards of safety, we ensure that participants remain fearless. That’s why we say: We transform lives.

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