It’s wacky! It’s weird! It’s wonderful!

Ever wondered what it is like to be stuck in a giant washing machine. A zorbing experience is pretty much like that.

This is one adventure sport that involves no skill whatsoever and can be enjoyed by people of all ages who don’t mind being strapped inside a giant see-through clear plastic, air-cushioned ball. You have to be crazy enough to enjoy Zorbing! You enter the Zorb headfirst through its mouth after taking off your shoes and jewellery. At least two adults or three kids can be safely ensconced inside the bouncing bubble. Usually a team of four people handles the zorbing sessions and keeps an eye on the comfort levels of the zorbonauts. A team is responsible for pushing the transparent bubble, controlling its direction and stopping it immediately if any participant is scared. And because you will be spinning upside down uncontrollably for few minutes, it’s best not to zorb on a full stomach or while intoxicated. So ready for a quick roll?

It was in New Zealand where zorbing began around 10 years ago when inventors Dwane van der Sluis and Andrew Akers created these unique PVC spheres called zorbs and rolled them down slopes with people inside. Since then, the sport has travelled to other corners of the globe and undergone subtle changes as it rolled along.

In India, the diameter of a zorb is either 10 feet or 12 feet depending on the number of people that are harnessed inside. There are nylon ropes in the transparent orbs that keep the brave souls inside firmly in position throughout the entire topsy-turvy ride.

Zorbing has now become the first choice of the thrill seekers across the world. Zorbs have been adopted as a symbol of the 2014 Olympic Games in Russia.

Zorbing is best experienced on golf courses and open manicured grounds with a slight elevation. With Rocksport you can order your own Zorbing ball for 4hrs at just Rs.10,000 in Delhi at Camp Tikkling. Camp Tikkling is just 35 km away from Delhi in Gurgaon. We have chosen our field with great care. With the imposing Aravalli hills as the backdrop, the picturesque site offers miles of unimpeded movement letting gravity do all the talking. A little extra is charged for places near Delhi and NCR region like Gurgaon and Faridabad. You can also enjoy Zorbing at our other camp sites namely Camp Mashobra and Monolith Resort in Bhimtal. So let your adventure genes get into overdrive and enjoy the revolving view outside.

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