Hide, take aim, shoot and have fun
Paintball is a team sport. It’s like hide-and-seek, dodge ball, and tag all rolled up into one game.
In paintballing, groups of players shoot balls of paint at one another. The paintball explodes on impact, leaving a splotch of bright paint on the player’s clothes. The objective is to stay in the game as long as possible without being hit.

Anyone can play paintball. All you need is the brains to think, the eye to aim and the courage to shoot. Unlike other team sports like football, basketball, hockey or soccer, paintball is less violent. Since no physical contact is allowed in a paintball, there are no injuries from bodies crashing into one another.

The most exciting part of the paintball game is the equipment.

Paintball: A Paintball is round, thin skinned gelatine capsule around 1.5 cm (0.68”) in diameter filled with brightly coloured vegetable dye. The liquid paint is non-toxic, water soluble and easy to wash.

Paintball guns: Paintball guns are semi-automatic markers that are simply meant for point and shoot. They are powered by carbon dioxide (C02) and looks and feels like a real gun. The paintballs are propelled to a distance of around fifty to eighty metres depending on the speed setting of the markers.

Facemasks/ Helmets: Paintball players must always wear facemasks/ helmets. They are specifically designed to protect the eyes and face from being hit.

Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits gives the players a whole body protection as well protects the clothes from the paint splashes.

Chest Guards: Since paintballs fly fast and hit hard, padded chest guards protect your body from the impact of the paintball.

Paintball Field: The size of a paintball team depends on the size of the playing field. A small field may have teams with four or five players. A large field can hold a hundred of players.The Paintball field is equipped with bunkers, trenches and obstacles which are scattered throughout the arena, allowing for maximum strategic assaults. Not to mention a good place to hide when the game gets tough!

Recreational Paintball
Recreational Paintball is commonly played in wooded area. Two teams usually play a game called capture the flag. Each team tries to seek out, find, and capture the opposing team’s flag without getting covered with paint. This game lasts 15 minutes or longer.

Competitive Paintball
Competitive Paintball is usually called speedball. Speedball is played in a smaller area than Recreational Paintball. Players hide behind wood or inflated barriers. Three to seven players make up a team. Games can last from three to ten minutes.

Scenario Game
Scenario Game is another version of Paintball where players take on new identities; wear uniforms or costumes. They can become Generals and go on missions, achieve objectives to earn points or prizes. The game can go on for 48 to 72 hours. It is perfect for players who want more out of paintball than just capturing flags and shooting or eliminating players. It promises lots of action, lots of paint in the air and lots of player.

Paintball sport, by nature promotes teamwork and camaraderie. It is one of the most effective forms of stress release. It is the thrill of the hunt; it’s the fast paced action, blood-pumping, heart stopping adrenaline rush that makes paintball one of the top extreme sports today. Rocksport help organise regular paintball outings in Delhi & NCR for corporate groups.

Paintball promises loads of excitement. This exciting sport needs a battle ground that allows you to become a soldier to battle out your opponents and win the war for your team. Camp Tikkling in Gurgaon is a perfect place for a battle like this. You don’t need a special place to try Paintball. We can help setup a mobile battle ground at your office parking lot or your farm house. Just get a group of friend’s together, book in, and see how exhilarating and rewarding paintball can be. And finally, be prepared to be shot during the day. Paintball is a safe team sport. Feel free to get back to us for further details.

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