Managing resources in the outdoors is generally a matter of common sense, patience, and wisely using the gifts that nature provides. Rocksport outdoor programs will help you in learning to manage these resources effectively. In other words, learning new skills like storing water, starting a fire and creating a shelter becomes a lot more fun! For instance, you will learn to create fire by using the energy from the sun with an eye lens, or a broken piece of glass. To collect pure water from rain, snow or dew, you will learn to use anything from a cup to a piece of waterproof cloth to a large leaf. A belt becomes quite handy to hold a bandage in place as an equipment strap, or as a snare. And how about considering a wooden stick while hiking. The long mark it makes in the dirt will help to retrace your steps better in case you are lost. It doesn’t matter if you attend a day camp, an adventure camp, or a program that offers a mix of everything. Who knows, the experience gained may find you a hobby or a life passion that you may never have known about.

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