Right instruction is like winning half the battle. Special emphasis is laid on crafting the instructions by using the right words, right tone and right demonstration. For instance, a good set of briefing will answer the following: How to do the activity? What are the exact steps needed to follow? What tools and equipments will be required? How long will it take to finish? What difficulties would one expect to encounter on the way? What will one see, hear, experience after following the instructions? What will happen if you screw up? What does failure look like? The emphasis of the instruction is on safety pointers, duration, requirements and learning objectives. Imagine if the activity is left to its natural evolvement!

Once an activity has been performed, it’s time to share the experiences. It’s only after reflecting on the performed activity, participants gain significant insights on the application at work. Your interaction with one another will lead you to find new ways to work together. Hence, through skillful facilitation by our instructors each adventure activity turns into a powerful learning and development opportunity. Rocksport adventure programs impacts on individual’s self esteem, achievement and behaviour and raises their expectation and aspirations through innovation teaching and learning. By providing correct instructions and debriefing before and after an activity, it meets the unique needs and learning styles of individuals.

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