For us, the term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is born out of the desire to make the world around us a better place. We feel we have a responsibility to give back something in return apart from the products and services we offer. Everything we do has an effect on other people. Today, the apparent changes in the climate are affecting millions of people globally. Hence, an essential component of our Corporate Social Responsibility is to care for our Mother Earth. At Rocksport, we are already engaging in sustainable practices and awareness programs that could help alleviate the impact of climate change. Towards this, we try and adopt some smart practices in our offices, outdoor campsites and our day-to-day life. Our efforts are driven by active participation from our team as well as participants in our various outdoors and wilderness camps. It is not a perfect model but it works.

We use CFL Bulbs.

We have switched towards energy saving bulbs that not only means lower electricity bills but less global warming pollution.

We say do not litter.

Literally! We adopt the practice of using dustbins wherever available and carry waste bags wherever they are not. We make sure not to litter around cities and most importantly our forests.

We save paper, and trees.

We print only when it’s absolutely needed and record data digitally. We re-use the unused side of paper for note taking, memos, to-do list and so forth. We prefer to call, send emails, receive and pay bills online.

We go green.

Tree planting is a regular feature of all our outdoor programs. We encourage participants to plant as often as possible.

We save water.

We review and reduce our water consumption. We don’t have to worry about our supply of clean water running-out as quickly because we simply choose not to flush it away. By choosing to close the taps when not in use we save gallons of water.

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