Adventure capsule is a great solution to a kids learning needs. Within a short span of 4 to 24 hours, the adventure needs of students are met, just like popping an energy pill. Meant for an all age groups, a combination of fun filled games and life skills activities will make their leaning experience richer, joyful and rewarding, leaving kids wanting for more...

This year, camp anubhav brings you another exciting fun filled session of rock and roll at the wild woods, the splash world and the tiger country. For five to eight days, 9 to 17 years will juggle in the mountains splash in the wide rivers and trek in the deep jungles.

Rocksport Outdoors, a one stop shop for all the adventure enthsiasts. You can buy camping tents, sleeping bags, carabineers, ropes at the best prices guaranteed in INDIA. Rocksprots is started by ace rock climbers and mountaneers so we underdstand the need of an outdoor outfitter.

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